Brain To Books CyCon April 7-9

Welcome Everyone and thank you for visiting my official page for the Brains To Books Cyber Convention. Just for visiting my site today, I have some very special gifts to offer you. You’ll find the information for these gifts on the last paragraph of this page.

Over the course of this weekend I will be participating in events in both the fantasy and the historical fiction genres.  


Here is a list of all my the events and where to find them:

You can find my author showcase in the historical fiction section:

I’ve written a rather spooky short story involving an interview between my main character, Cha’risa, and a developer trying to build a tourist attraction right at the most sacred site within the Grand Canyon. You can find this story in Jessi’s historical fiction fun, running all weekend, April 7-9.

Fantasy genre’s scavenger hunt offers players a chance to hunt down some great prizes. Stop by and and join in the game! Do you want to see what I’m contributing to the prize pot? 

The Fantasy Blog hop: Here’s a great chance to  check out my blog. I have some nice gifts for anyone who decides to subscribe, so don’t be shy!

Cover Wars: I’m extremely partial to my book cover. It was made by my daughter-in-law, Natalie Maletz, a very talented artist. If you love it as much as I do, I hope you’ll pop in there and vote for Natalie and me!

Also, I am taking part in the B2B Giveaway. It is a huge giveaway, Cha’risa’s Gift is only one of many, many of books being given away over the course of the weekend, so take a look, see if there’s something there strikes your fancy:

And here’s a special offer: the kindle book version of Cha’risa’s Gift will be on sale all weekend for just .99 cents!

And last, but most definitely not least, I’ll be stopping in to visit Joe Compton, for Joe Compton Live over the course of the weekend. You can watch me there at


And now for the gifts: Five lucky entrants are going to be granted free, early access to </reality>, a Visual Novel – Sci Fan adventure where you choose what happens. This intriguing book is beautifully illustrated with a compelling musical score. Early reviews of the novel are already generating lots of excitement in the digital media world. Want a quick glimpse? For more information on this unique offer, to see the trailer, and to enter the giveaway use this link:

Also, while you’re here on my website, I have a free recipe book containing the recipes from my book, Cha’risa’s Gift. These recipes were created specifically for the story by the very talented chef, Caroline Lewis. Anyone who takes the time to become a subscriber over this weekend will be sent a digital copy of the recipes. I post between two and three blogs a month. You’ll find a variety of stories there about people, places, and experiences that have touched me deeply. You’ll also find the occasional author interview, or a stop along a blog tour for new book releases featuring authors I admire. Last but not least, this is where I’ll keep you updated about my books, post occasional excerpts of my work, and from time to time, offer up freebies. So, make yourself comfortable, take a look around the website, and leave comments. I definitely will read them.

I really appreciate you stopping by today. Visitors who are here for the blog hop, you can visit next with author Jack Massa:, or you can return to the bloghop gateway here: