Cha’risa’s Gift

Cha’risa’s Gift begins with a love story between a Hopi medicine woman with uncanny healing abilities, and Caleb, an Irish immigrant who runs a ranch just outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. The two meet when Cha’risa’s son, Ahote, decides to take a job on Caleb’s ranch. Having spent years in an Indian Boarding school, Ahote feels uncertain about which world he really belongs to. Cha’risa chooses to join him on the ranch, hoping to help to guide him. Then the unexpected happens; Caleb finds himself falling for her, and against her better judgment, Cha’risa finds she feels the same.

Cha’risa and Caleb are confronted with the fact that their love is an affront to many. It is only through Cha’risa’s profound gifts of healing that the community learns to overcome their prejudices. Ahote, spends many happy years at the ranch, growing secure in his place within this diverse family. It all changes dramatically in the course of an afternoon, when Ahote learns the impossibility of fully joining the white man’s world. He flees the ranch, sick at heart for what he unwittingly unleashed; only to find himself inexplicably drawn to an eerily beautiful place deep within the Grand Canyon. There, he discovers a people of magic unlike any he has ever seen.

Even as a small child, Cha’risa and Caleb’s son, Sam, demonstrates some very unusual abilities, but it is his gift of being able to see the future that nearly becomes his undoing. He survives the horrors of World War I only to find his visions haunted by an even darker future. By the time Sam’s twins, Kat and Cal, are born, the family and their ranch/lodge enterprise are greatly respected. At sixteen years old, the twins have a violent encounter with cattle rustlers that awaken within them spiritual gifts they never knew they possessed. For Kat, it is clear that she has inherited her grandmother’s talent for healing. For Cal, he discovers a shamanic gift; an ability to see through the eyes of animals. What they learn on that fateful day with the cattle rustlers sets the stage for all they must endure in the South Pacific during World War II.

Come, immerse yourself in this magical setting of towering red rocks, snow-capped peaks and sacred canyons, and discover this story of love and family, spanning the generations.

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