Daily Archives: June 22, 2017

A bountiful May 5

It’s been way too long since my last blog post, and I apologize, but I have not been idle. I’ve been moving ahead with my first draft of Ahote’s Path, and have now completed the first three (of what I expect will be 7) sections of the book. But to be honest, the book and my blog took a back seat this past month to family. Early in May, my eldest son and his wife came out to spend Mother’s Day with me. This was special for a lot of reasons, but in particular because they are expecting a baby at the end of August, a little boy.  But they aren’t the only ones. My other son and his wife are also expecting a baby boy early in October. My first go at grand parenting is going to be doubly exciting, and I can’t wait to meet these little boys! 

Now, it is hard to upstage the impending arrival of my first grandchildren, but my daughter, Jamie did her very best to give the family lots to talk about as well. In May, she finished up a rather spectacular run of performances in the Phoenix area. Phoenix Theater hosted an evening of Jamie’s music that was incredibly well received.  Then, just a week later, one of her musicals, Cursed, opened for a one weekend run. Jamie wrote, produced, music directed and performed in the show, along with many actors who have been with her now through several of her musical productions. I have come to know and love these young people over the years that Jamie has been in Phoenix. They aren’t just part of Jamie’s production company, they have become a community. Together they have all grown as actors, singers and, most importantly, as friends. For this group, for all of us really, this run of Cursed was bittersweet. Jamie is leaving Phoenix this summer for New York City, to get a Master’s degree in musical theater at NYU. I’m sure the finality of her imminent departure was on all of their minds. I know it was on mine. No one took the moment for granted. It was hands down the best performance I’ve seen from this group.  Every single one of them put their whole heart into it. It was a perfect way to cap off this chapter of Jamie’s life. With the performances now behind us, we are all systems go for the move to NYC. There were a lot of moving parts that had to come together, but almost all of the pieces have now fallen into place. I have no idea what the future will hold for my talented daughter, but she certainly will be in the right place to figure it all out. 


There is yet another thing I want to share that happened in May. I met a soprano here in town. Now, that may not sound like such a big deal to you, but for me, I have been searching for a satisfying creative outlet for my singing for quite some time. From the moment I met Shira something just felt very right. We have already begun to work up a program of duets and arias. Our plan is to perform it somewhere here in Sedona, under the stars, at the next winter’s solstice. It has been a lot of fun finding music and having someone so well matched with my voice and abilities to sing with.  To make the partnering even more perfect, it turns out that, like me, Shira is very drawn to the healing art of Reiki.  We will be bringing our gifts of song and reiki together in a very  unique way to greatly enhance this Sedona winter solstice experience.

I have another interesting bit of news to share with you. In May I was also interviewed by Tom Fallwell for his podcast series, Write On With Tom Fallwell. Tom is also an author of the well-received  Rangers of Laerean series.  I had a lot of fun talking with Tom. If you’re interested in hearing the interview you can find it here: http://www.tomfallwell.com/podcast.html. My interview can be found on episode 8, about ten minutes into the podcast. I hope you’ll check it out!

And now, before I sign off on this post, I’m going to leave with a clip from Jamie’s big debut at Phoenix Theater. This is the finale from the evening, performed by the ASU Lyric Opera Theater, directed by Toby Yatso.